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Top Strategies to Save on Android App Development Costs

Top Strategies to Save on Android App Development Costs

The first thought that pops up with a new mobile app idea is earning millions of dollars. There’s nothing wrong with this, as every business is joining the race of Android app development to quickly and easily make money. However, entering the app development game can be a pricey undertaking. Alas! The significant investment required often makes businesses hesitant to start developing an Android app. However, there’s no alternative to building Android apps for attracting more customers, offering customized services, and enhancing customer experience. It’s embarrassing for businesses that aren’t ready with their business app, as they miss out on many opportunities. Don’t fret! Android development projects with hefty price tags can become an inexpensive endeavor without sacrificing the app’s quality when built with the right approach and the right strategies. Fortunately, we have got you covered with a list of efficient Android app development strategies that can help your business get better value and branding.

Here are the 5 Winning App Development Strategies to Save on Android App Development Costs:

Outsourcing is a Better Option

Many businesses face the dilemma of hiring their own team of experts for mobile app development without prior experience. This is why it’s suggested to put in a lot of consideration before choosing any app development company. There are many advantages to outsourcing the Android project to a team across borders.

With the right team selection, businesses get an opportunity to work with skilled and experienced professionals who add value to the project. They get many options for technologies, tools, and designs to choose from, and the development costs reduce significantly as payment is made based on development hours, not fixed salaries.
At Code and Design, we offer mobile app development, designing, testing, and marketing of your app all under one roof, ensuring timely troubleshooting of issues.

Build the App Iteratively

\When you build, test, and market the planned app idea all at once, you risk complete rejection from your target audience. This is a significant concern for businesses. The risks and expenses can be reduced by employing an agile methodology where the first version of the app with basic functionalities is launched to test user reactions and evaluate market demand. This is known as MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
The MVP includes the app’s core features, user interface, and business logic, acting as a prototype of the original app idea. If the MVP gains fair user traction and engagement, it indicates market demand, allowing for enhancements with more functionalities and designs. This approach not only saves time and money but also ensures against potential failure.

Avoid Unnecessary Design Elements

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App design significantly impacts development costs. It’s good to create a rough sketch of the app’s functionality, providing developers and businesses insights into the design and easing cost estimation.Once the sketch is created, the final interface, app flow, and feature interactions become clear. Developers can then consider design elements like scrolling, graphics, animation, background sound, or buttons, further helping in estimating the development cost.Minimalism, simple design, and fewer animations are in vogue. Developers should be creative to craft novel designs that fit well within the app’s requirements. Avoid overly intricate designs that make the app clumsy, unattractive, and negatively impact performance.

Prefer Ready-Made Solutions

Engineering a unique and customized Android application is essential, but building every functionality from scratch is costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, third-party plugins, pre-built templates, and integration adapters for backend systems make Android app development easier and more cost-efficient.Professional developers use ready-made solutions to avoid reinventing the wheel in developing essential features, investing time in critical aspects that make the app best-in-class. UI features can be implemented using customizable pre-built templates. Functionalities like push notifications or payment gateways can be integrated using existing plugins like Stripe for payments and Pushup for notifications.Third-party backend service providers like WaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and BaaS offer data synchronization, user authentication, data sharing, scaling, and messaging services, reducing app creation cost and time by half.

Test the App Compatibility on Every Android Device

Device fragmentation is a significant problem with the Android operating system. The app must adapt and fit well on devices with varied screen sizes. The difference in screen sizes can lead to resolution issues or content being cut off, resulting in poor user experience. Testing the app on every possible Android device is essential. Manually testing the app on every device is impractical, so automated testing solutions are used to test app performance on all devices and report issues. Emulator/simulator testing is also practiced for situation-based applications, simulating memory-related issues, and availability. Automated testing tools ensure high app quality and lower spending by reducing human errors, avoiding “floating” interface elements, and saving money on rigorous testing.


You are full of ideas and ready to enter the Android app development space, which is already crowded with millions of apps. To hold your stake in the game, you need to create an unmatched solution that meets user needs and creates opportunities for your app to thrive. The first thought is that such a venture will require an investment of thousands of dollars to achieve the desired goal.
While this is partly true, not all businesses have the budget to spend. The lack of sufficient funds often leads to giving up the idea or poor app development—both costly mistakes. What to do? Unfortunately, there is no universal way to reduce the app development cost without losing quality. But don’t worry. The smart tactics and strategies discussed above address these problems.
Following these strategies will turn app development into an inexpensive option that’s secure, performs well on Android devices, features optimal design, focuses on user experience, and becomes a dollar-generating machine. Embark on the Android app development journey with the best strategies, ensuring the development and design stay fine-tuned to your budget right from the beginning.

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