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PPC Pitfalls: 8 Mistakes That Are Costing You Money and How to Fix Them

PPC Pitfalls: 8 Mistakes That Are Costing You Money and How to Fix Them

Running a great PPC campaign can benefit your business by creating targeted traffic towards your website. However, very few businesses make critical PPC mistakes that may upset all efforts. Knowing these PPC campaign errors and how to fix them is very important to modify strategy catering to adverts. In this article,
we are going to cover the eight most common PPC issues and walk you through the actionable solutions to fix PPC campaigns appropriately.

1. Not Doing Keyword Research

The processes of machine learning and natural language processing are two examples of the types of tasks that can be carried out by artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. AI solutions are computer programs or systems that make use of numerous complex algorithms. Interpreting and translating, as well as acting as a judge and evaluating data, are some of the responsibilities that come with this work opportunity. Companies can boost output while cutting costs with the help of AI technology.

One of the basic PPC mistakes is not conducting proper keyword research. Keywords form the basis of your PPC campaign; with the wrong keywords, things are bound to go haywire. Most of the time, an advertiser selects broad, very irrelevant keywords that never match the already set search intent of the target audience. Take adequate time to perform detailed keyword research. You can engage tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs in your quest to find related keywords and the best.
Go for long-tail ones with relatively low competition and, at the same time, high intent; often, they convert quite well at a low cost per click.

2. Poor Ad Copy:

Another very common PPC campaign error is writing ad copy that doesn’t work. Your ad copy is the first impression your prospective customers are going to have of your business, and if it doesn’t resonate with them, they will scroll past, not clicking.
Write compelling and concise ad copy that highlights the unique selling points of your product or service. Use strong calls to action (CTAs) and ensure your ads align with the user’s search intent. A/B testing different versions of your ad copy can also help identify what resonates best with your audience.

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3. Failing to Use Negative Keywords:

Overlooking negative keywords is a common PPC issue that can drain your budget by displaying your ads for irrelevant searches. Negative keywords prevent your ads from appearing in searches that are not related to your business, ensuring your budget is spent more efficiently. Keep checking over your Search terms report regularly for irrelevant queries and add them as negative keywords. This practice will improve the granularity of your targeting and the overall efficiency of your PPC campaign.

4. Failure to consider ad extensions:

Ad extensions are additional pieces of information you can include in your ads to make them more informative and engaging. Ignoring ad extensions is a significant PPC advertising mistake because it limits the visibility and effectiveness of your ads.
Use ad extensions such as site links, callouts, structured snippets, and location extensions. These extensions add tremendous value to potential customers looking to click and convert on them.

5. Not Optimizing Landing Pages:

Yet another important PPC mistake is driving traffic to landings that are not optimized. Then, when users get on a slow, messy, and just irrelevant page for the ad, you will see tides of them visiting and leaving—high bounce rate—and hence you will just be losing money on advertisements.
Ensure that your landing pages are fast, mobile-compatible, and relevant. The content should be related and include a very clear conversion path. A/B tests aspects of the landing pages to know which one performs best.

6. Not Tracking Conversions:

You can’t track the success if conversion tracking is not in place. This is an error that many, many advertisers make: they track clicks and impressions, but track those desired actions—for instance, purchases, sign-ups, or downloads—undone at the beginning. Run conversion tracking via tools like Google Analytics or with the help of PPC platforms that support native tracking. Track KPIs like cost per conversion, conversion rate, and ROAS to see how well your campaigns perform.

7. Setting and Forgetting Campaigns:

One major PPC advertising mistake is “set it and forget it.” PPC campaigns need constant monitoring and optimization to remain effective. If you don’t review and adjust them regularly, the performance really will run downhill fast, and money from the budget is simply thrown out of the window. Schedule time to review and optimize your campaigns consistently. Check performance data, adjust bids, refresh ad copy, and update keywords when needed. Constant testing of new ideas, and changes based on the data, will let a campaign stay on track.

8. Ignoring Mobile Users:

One of the most important PPC campaign mistakes to watch out for is tacking mobile users—especially when the use of smartphones is gaining momentum. Poor user experiences and lost conversions may be involved for those ads that have not been optimized for mobile. Be sure to optimize your ads, destination URLs, landing page responsive design, and mobile-specific ad formats, and track performance in mobile separately to adjust strategy on how to most effectively approach mobile users.

Avoid These Mistakes with a Professional PPC Solution

At Code and Design Group, we specialize in identifying and repairing PPC campaign mistakes that are holding you back from truly succeeding in advertising. We look at each one of our client’s campaigns to find and fix the most common problems in PPC that may be reducing the potential of their advertisements. Our ad-spend ROI maximization strategy will ensure focused and target-oriented advertising by optimizing ad copies, keywords, and landing pages. Allow and Trust
Code and Design Group to turn your PPC advertising mistakes into windows of opportunity toward the success of your campaigns and the accomplishment of goals laid down by marketing strategies.

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